Saydie Releases Music Video For ‘Yokai’

Saydie’s monstrous new single “Yokai” now has a music video. It’s as gritty and intense as the song, and it explores some pretty dark themes.

“It’s a dirty video about abuse and revenge,” says vocalist Kat Taylor. “It’s about someone who has a hatred of men because of the actions of an abuser, and how she gets even.” Watch it below

Capturing the essence of the song with its visual was definitely a priority. Guitarist Karl Kliatchko says “We wanted the visuals to feel like listening to the music,” and that he sees both the song and video as “transgressive.”

Queso and Wilabaliw vocalist Ian Tayao, who guests on the track, also appears in the video.

The video was conceptualized and directed by Avid Llongoren (“Saving Sally”) and Manny Angeles of Twenty Manila. Llongoren has worked with the band before, in the video of “Krolithika.” The track was recorded at Saturnine Audio and Rise of the 8th Records.